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Centralized Management Hub

You already have a tough job.

No need adding "professional tracker downer" to your title.

Keep track of all your forms and submissions.
Create custom reports in seconds.

Manage all of your data.

From anywhere, at anytime.

Solutions to save you more.

These stand alone tools let you do more with less.

Way less.

Bus Flow

Streamlines the process of tracking student behavior on transit, enabling immediate communication and prompt action.

Behavior referral pro

Consolidates and accelerates student referral management, providing a simpler, unified system for prompt communication and streamlined resolution.

Maintenance Request Manager Pro

Handles service requests in a single, organized system, easing the process of recording, tracking, and resolving maintenance issues efficiently.

On-boarding Facilitator Pro

Expedites and organizes the new employee welcome process, providing a clear, user-friendly system for a streamlined on-boarding experience.

Registration Administrator pro

Simplifies the process of managing sign-ups and enrollments, offering an organized, user-friendly system for streamlined registration tracking and handling.

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